Compare & Backup is an easy-to-use and powerful backup software for directory synchronization. It allows you to compare source with destination before backup. Compare results are shown in 5 sections:
  1. Newer than destination
  2. Older than destination
  3. Can not find destination
  4. Can not find source
  5. Only size changed
So you will exactly know what the difference is between source and destination. And you will know which files need to be backed up, which files need to be restored, which files need to be deleted. Then this backup software can do all those operations for you.

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  • What's the differences between Everyday Auto Backup and Compare & Backup:
    Everyday Auto Backup is designed to backup files automatically. When the start time of a backup task arrives, this software will automatically start the backup task in the background without manual intervention.
    Compare & Backup will tell you what the difference is between source and destination. Then you may backup, restore or remove files with this software.
    If you just need a backup software and want to restore files by yourself, Everyday Auto Backup is enough.
    If you not only need a backup software, but also need a software to help you restore files, Compare & Backup is the one you need.